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Welcome to Citron Green Energy Limited, a leading CNG solutions company in Nigeria and a subsidiary of Citron Siteng International Limited. With expertise in procurement, logistics, and oil & gas servicing, Citron Siteng brings a wealth of experience to the energy industry. At Citron Green Energy Limited, we specialize in innovative and sustainable energy solutions, including vehicle conversion, CNG retail, plant installation, financing, and consultancy services. Our mission is to drive the adoption of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a clean, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels. Join us in revolutionizing the transportation landscape for a greener and more sustainable future in Nigeria.

Who We Are ?

Our Goal

CITRON GREEN ENERGY LIMITED is to become the leading provider of CNG solutions in Nigeria, offering comprehensive and innovative energy alternatives that drive a cleaner and more sustainable future. We are committed to empowering individuals and businesses with greener choices, thus reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier environment for generations to come.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the transformation of the Nigerian energy landscape by promoting the adoption of CNG as a clean and sustainable fuel. We are committed to providing comprehensive CNG solutions, building infrastructure, and driving the shift towards environmentally friendly transportation options.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the preferred provider of CNG solutions in Nigeria, pioneering a cleaner and more efficient energy future. We strive to empower individuals and businesses with sustainable energy choices, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener and healthier environment for generations to come.

Our Services


At CITRON GREEN ENERGY LIMITED, we are specialists in converting petrol vehicles to CNG, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Our expert team ensures a seamless and reliable conversion process at our state-of-the-art conversion center. Additionally, we provide excellent after-sales services to ensure the continued performance and satisfaction of our valued customers.


Under our finance platform, Karacredit, CITRON GREEN ENERGY LIMITED provides credit facilities exclusively for vehicle conversions to CNG. We aim to make the transition to CNG more affordable and accessible for our customers. While we specialize in financing vehicle conversions, we do not offer financing for CNG plant setup at this time


CITRON GREEN ENERGY LIMITED offers expert consultancy services encompassing financial advisory for accessing funding for CNG projects, procurement of conversion kits and CNG station equipment, and comprehensive engineering setup. Our experienced consultants facilitate seamless navigation of investment opportunities and guide clients towards successful implementation of sustainable CNG initiatives.

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